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Big News!! Mike receives endorsements from County Sheriff and District Attorney

Very grateful to have the support of the two most respected folks in the law business in Larimer County, Sheriff Justin Smith and District Attorney, Cliff Riedel!

Justin Smith: " Most of you know by now that I rarely make endorsements in primary elections. However, in the race for the Colorado House 49th District, I am going to make an exception. Perry Buck has held that seat for 7 years and is termed out. Perry has been a solid ally over the last 7 years and will be missed. I’ve dedicated my whole adult life to standing on the front line to protect the lives, liberties and property for the citizens of Larimer County. With all of the problems in Denver, it’s critical to have legislators who also support those causes.If you live in rural Larimer County or the rural Windsor area, the one candidate who will stand up for law abiding citizens and crime victims is Mike Lynch. I know both Mike and his opponent and for me, there was no doubt- Mike is the right choice. Mike has a tremendous track record as a West Point graduate and Army veteran, he has successfully operated a wonderful business, the Western Heritage Company, he’s a strong 2nd Amendment defender, Mike is also a dedicated husband and father and he just exudes the Colorado / Western lifestyle that so many of us value."

Cliff Riedel: ""As District Attorney for Larimer County, I fully support Mike Lynch to be our Representative for the 49th House District.  As a veteran, Mike has served his country; as our Representative, he will serve us with honor and distinction. Mike will support law enforcement officers and community safety.."

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